Chris Webbe


1980  Beaumaris Bop / Never let it get ya down

1984 The System

1987 Lost in the Ether

1988 Sweatin it out live

1992 Summernats n that's that

1994 Road cases

1996 Leave no turd unstoned

1999 High Country

2001 Smokin em up

2003 12 More for the road less travelled

2008 Country Rhythm and Blues

2014 The Chris Webbe Song Book


 Folkin Blues

 The Celestial Project

The Chris Webbe Song Book

OUT NOW  and contains 3 different albums available separately or together as one package.

Guest artists include


John Beland, Phil Emmanuel, Mark Williams, Sonic, Doc Span,

Isaac Leong Loon,

Nicholas Combe, Leigh Oakley 




Folkin' Blues

Folkin' Blues

The Celestial Project

The Celestial Project


Available as downloads from here or from iTunes or as hard copies from here

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