CRAB Some Aussie flavoured blues and country to make you laugh and make you think while tapping away on the steering wheel.




Melbourne Boy Sydney Girl

It was '76 when I hit the road
I guess I had
To go it alone
I felt sad leaving
The family mould
But i was too young
To start growing old


In Melbourne town didn't take too long
I was in a band
And singing along
I sure went wrong
Looking for Mrs. Right
Lots of highs
And lonely nights


The train rolled
Into Albury
With a fat card player
And a cold white lady
Then down the line
To Adelaide
A town of mandrax and lemonade


Sometimes life
Makes you disconnect
And in these times you learn to detect
Where your feelings are coming from
As you reach for them
They are gone


Melbourne boy
And a Sydney girl
Yeah we came
From two
Different worlds
But when we met
It didn't matter at all
For the Melbourne boy
And the Sydney girl


This happened to me
In Canberra see
I met a Sydney girl
By the lilac tree
I thought straight away
She was the one for me
She thought i was pretty weird company
So she took off
In a whirl
It's a busy life
For a Sydney girl
I went off
To follow the stars
She was getting hit on
And i was playing bars


Then one day
By the lilac tree
She phoned up
To talk to me
Years had gone by
And from
Different worlds
The Melbourne boy
Spoke to the Sydney girl
I said I've given up looking for the one
I just want to cruise and have some fun
But she was on
The end of the line
Do you think
Maybe it was
Finally the right time




Well the years went by
We've got
Two lovely kids
I used
To think of Sydney
As the place
With the bridge
But Canberra has a pub with a lilac tree
That's where we met
The Sydney girl and me


If you've been fishing
And you've
Caught bugger all
And your thinking
Of heading
Back to the shore
Just remember
It takes time
To make a real pearl
And things
Worked out well
For the Melbourne boy
And the Sydney girl


Simple as that


So you wonder now
How we stop this thing
Security's tight
But you can't stop the killing
And you won't be free
From your darkest fears
'til everyone breathing
The atmosphere
Feels safe and secure
Where they dwell
Not running scared
In some war torn hell
You'll not feel safe
With your tanks and walls
'til none of us feels afraid anymore


A fair days work
For fair days pay
Would send the raiders
On their way
When business pays
For the damage it does
To the earth down below
And the skies up above
The greedy would bail
There's no dollars or sense
In wrecking the planet
For no recompense
These things our leaders
Should implement
But they are too busy hanging on to government
If the hungry were fed
And the unjust imprisoned
There would be no reason
For terrorism
Some comfort and more
Than hope for the poor
There'd be no need
For economic war
There is no system
To run this game
If you try one you will find
Again and again
That the only guarantee
Of your safety at home
Is when the other blokes life
Is as precious as your own


They say it takes a village
To raise a child
I say it takes the world
To keep the village alive
We stand ready
For a quantum leap
Or over the cliff
Like so many sheep
Perhaps we should try
To set one day aside
To see if we can make
This momentous stride
It's not rocket science
Or a new mouse trap
It's do unto others
It's as simple as that



Hard Highway

Well I told my heart never again
I wouldn't get burned like i did back then
Ah but I saw her tonight
In a gown of black
And it looked just right
Then it all came back

I told myself better watch your step
Better walk away better just forget
Ah but talk is cheap
When you've go no sense
When it's down to the heart
There's no defence

Like the call of a long lost friend

Here I go once again
Where I swore I'd never go
Down that dangerous road
Down the hard highway

Ah but talk is cheap
When you've go no sense
When it's down to the heart
There's no defence
Like the call of a long lost friend
Here i go once again

Where I swore I'd never go
Down that dangerous road

Down the hard highway


Rutherglen Red

Harleys and utes glide into town
And the Chiltern cowboy
Makes a lonesome sound
Here on the Murray
While the birds sing
Another country show
Is in full swing

The carnies have brought
Their gypsy vans
And turned the show grounds into a fairy land
Huge gondolas fill the skies
The streets ring to the sound
Of hawker's cries

Some might say
These country towns are dead
But today I'm riding
The Rutherglen red
So many changes
Floating in the air
The same old story everywhere

Hungry dogs
Roam the shopping malls
Leather work and jarrah
Pack the stalls
Tokan and Muscat pepper the scene
This busy lil' street
Is a pick pockets dream
Truckies manoeuver
Their 18 wheelers
And park outside
Angry antique dealers
Speed freaks hanging out to score
Dad's look for bargains
In the old record store
See the stone bank
We thought it would last
An old codger
Dreams of the past
So many changes
Floating in the air
The same old story everywhere

Politicians schmoozing
In the main street
Noisy bands and shuffling feet
Country lads howl at the moon
While prospects sell dope
From their rented rooms
After sundown
The bush pigs come to town
And all the farmers
Have gone to ground
Murray cods flip flop
Across the dance floor
And another bunch of hopefuls come through the door

And the locals
They keep on trying
To stop their
Grand old town from dying
So many changes
Floating in the air
But there's not enough water anywhere


Beat of a Heart

Are you the one
To heed the call
When the flames are at
Your neighbours door
When the fires out
Then comes the rain
Will you let your mates
Suffer in vain
Give blood
It's a bloody good feeling
A drop of red
On the road to healing
Give blood it's what I'm saying
It's the beat of a heart
That's giving and receiving


What's around the corner what's down the track
Disaster or a heart attack
We're all getting older
And that's a fact
Nice to know
Someone's got your back
Ambulance ride
And you're in pain
What's that thing rattling around in your brain
Emergency room
You stare at the ceiling
That's right you gave blood
It's a bloody good feeling
Beat of a heart



I Got Drunk

I went out I went to bed
Morning sunbeams
Split my head I got drunk
Best friend died how we cried
Turns out we couldn't
Keep him alive I got drunk

My girlfriend says
She's outta my life
Looks like i'll have to go
Back to my wife
To help me loose my
Nagging feelings
To stop my cheating heart
From bleeding I got drunk

Drink to forget
When you're off the phone
Drink to forget
When you're all alone
Everyone was doing it
And that included me
Now I'd give a bundle
For some sanity

Somewhere at the
Bottom of this glass
Lies all my money
And all my class I got drunk
I didn't see it coming
It crept up on me
Now I find
I can't shake it free
I'm loosing everything
Even my family I got drunk

Drink to forget
When you've lost your home
Drink to forget
While your heart turns to stone
Everyone was doing it
And that included me
Now I'd give a bundle
For some sanity

Do you think
The salvos would mind
Cause I'm real hungry
And it's the end of the line
Just a few dollars
So i can get some wine
And mate, can u go to the pub
If you got the time
I once had a life
And a house you know
I was a big fella
With the people on the go
But as their spirits soared
I mixed mine with coke
Hey bud, have u got a spare smoke

It's getting darker
I think I'm going under
As i drift off I began to wonder
Then god spoke and said
You can't come in here like that
Get back down there
And sort your shit out
So i dusted myself off
And i had a good cry
Hmmm ……I think i'll give this heroin a try



What makes a thing precious
is it doesn't last
Time with your kids
or a real good laugh
A smile or a wink
or a hot tub bath
What makes a thing precious
is it doesn't last

What makes a thing precious
is the short time
Making love
or a real fine wine
Then you go back
and stand in line
What makes a thing precious
is the short time

What makes a thing precious
is it ends too soon
A love affair
or a rock and roll room
Just long enough
to see the flowers bloom
What makes a thing precious
is it ends too soon

What makes things precious
throughout the land
A great deed or a noble stand
A building or a painting
from the artist's hand
All these precious things
will turn to sand

Now don't be afraid
for your precious love
Even though one will pass
just like the setting sun
It's the way of the earth
it's just how it's done
Your precious waits for you
in heaven

Peace on earth good will to men
A little mercy from the government
A bit of clarity from your religion
Some quiet away from the noisy din


The Country Works For Me

When you're driving all alone
Far from home
Away from the TV
And the telephone
It's the music that comes
From your heart
By a river or under the stars

It rises up from
The peace and the solitude
A snowy mountain range
Can put you in the mood
Sounds from the city
Ring of desperation
It's a busy busy little nation

Yes we can all ride in utes
And they can dance in boots
Follow every kind of fashion
With all sorts of passion
Play it on the fiddle
Part your hair in the middle
But that's not what makes
The country work for me

The salt bush scattered round
On a dusty red plain
It's the fresh country air
That keeps this bloke sane

There's a lot to be said
For being alone
But you can say a lot more
About coming home

It's a simple quiet and easy
Kind of feeling
That will calm the tortured mind
And do all kinds of healing
All things are fine
Even dancing in a line
But it's not what makes
The country work for me

Yes we can all ride in utes
And they can dance in boots
Follow every kind of fashion
With all sorts of passion
Play it on the fiddle
Part your hair in the middle
But that's not what makes
The country work for me

You may like a little twang
Or the way that dolly sang
But that's not what makes
The country work for me
The country works for me


The Great Big Deal

I got it in the mail
From the weekly discount sale
I won't have to pay a cent for 20 years
But everything I bought
It seems has come to naught
It's enough to bring
This poor boy to tears

My hotel is five star
It goes with my new car
But we can only afford
To eat baked beans
You can drive a v8
While living in a welfare state
But don't you dare
Ask what it all means

Everything is gold and
Everything's high fibre
Everything I'm told
Is a most excellent calibre
Everything is cheap
And everything's a steal
How can I refuse
This great big deal

I watched this TV of ours,
I stared at it for hours and hours
Feeling like a bloody stupid clown
Greed was good and governance bad
Some went poor and others mad
It seems that my interest
Just went down
Turned on the radio
Welcome to the Armageddon show
We've all been drinking
From a poisoned cup
Communism may have built the wall
The one we all helped to fall
But capitalism brought us all unstuck

Seems the economy's crashed today
So I'm headin' for the hills far away
Lost my house my job and my wife
I went to talk to my little boy
But all he wanted
Was Macca's and a plastic toy
Time to start a brand new life

Govt. Says it's a great new deal
But weren't they the ones
Asleep at the wheel
I think it's time to stop
And have a think
Perhaps I should jump on the net
They tell me you can place a bet
Or maybe its just time for a little drink

School is sponsored by apple Mac
And all the ads they can stack
On books and boards
And bulletins round the place
So i was not surprised to find
That in my daughter's innocent mind
Colonel sanders saved the human race

Open up the cupboard door
All this junk falls on the floor
The kids want more
And more and more and more
This clutter kills my imagination
And leads me to exasperation
This big deal's got me
Running out the door


High Times and Nursery Rhymes

Little jack Horner
Sat in the corner
Pretending to be asleep
All the kings' horses
And all the kings men
Were trying to seduce Bo peep
Simple Simon the sly pie man
Was counting his midnight sheep
Now it's four in the morning
Jack Frost is forming
And I can't get to sleep

The owl and the pussycat
Came in late
Driving their panel van red
Then jack Horner's pride
Came to decide
He wants to rearrange my head
Bo peep couldn't care
And Simple Simon wouldn't dare
Though he wished
He could take her to bed
The incident was a blast
To the rest of the cast
And upon it they hungrily fed

High times and nursery rhymes
Smoking skunk and drinking beer
Kids playing grown ups
It was all too serious my dear

Bo peep announced
She was on her high horse
But she had no right
To be there at all
Jack Horner was laughing
With glee in his eyes
As he ejaculated in the hall
Now all the blackbirds
Have their pound of flesh
And have gone
To make themselves a pie
With a spoon full of ridicule
An essence of hate
And a look of satisfaction
In their eye


Build me a wall
And then a doggy stall
Build me a nest and then stay
Hide me from the their prying eyes
Just make it all go away
Lost in a foaming sea of metaphors
One begins to feel insane
But I'll never go to the home
Of my ex girlfriend stoned
No I'll never do that again


Don't Shit Me

Hey dad
I cleaned my room
And done my work
Don't shit me
My dealer is an honest bloke
Don't shit me
This one owner wagon
Is a real beaut
And this TV set
Fell off the back of a ute
And here's some more ways
To part with your loot
Don't shit me

The banks are your best friend
Don't shit me
The school system is on the mend
Don't shit me
I took a toke but I didn't inhale
We sent it today
The cheques in the mail
You'll get it tomorrow
Without fail
Don't shit me


When I jump on to my bike
I'd have to say
That when I go for a cruise
My blues fade away
You can take this busy life
With all its trouble and strife
When i go for a ride
It's a brand new a day

We're not really gonna
Put up the rent
And the politicians
Aren't really bent
Shares are looking good
And the dollars going up
Another few years
And we'll lap it up
The fish are biting
And the surf is up

A pimply faced kid
Won a music award
Lost on the phone
In a menu zone
Blue skies ahead
World peace is coming through
This loan is tailored just for you
We care about you
And your family too

Dad I'll take the car
And I wont be late
And all your efforts we appreciate
Buy this ring
We'll make love all night
Say you'll marry me
And you're set for life
Your best friend said
He never kissed you wife


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