Chris Webbe and the Sweaty Palms
Press release February 2024

2024 marks 40 years that Chris Webbe and the Sweaty Palms have been touring Australia and rocking venues from the north to south and east to west. Playing their own brand of original and classic rock especially drawing from early the golden era of Australian rock and roll music. They are not a cover or a tribute band, instead doing their own versions of some of the most iconic rock, blues and country tunes.
The name of the game is quality music from quality musicians and making sure that the crowd has fun and an entertaining experience. 
Whether it’s a bike or car show, the local pub, an upmarket club, a corporate gig or an embassy, Sweaty Palms bring with them years of experience and knowledge of how to give an audience a good night.
In the early days Sweaty Palms did many supports for national and international acts and then began headlining in their own right.  
Chris, as band leader, has seen many members come and go and has worked with members from such bands as Dragon, Chain, Canned heat and other high-profile acts.
In the 90s Chris wrote the Summernats song which was the anthem for the biggest car show in the southern hemisphere held each year in Canberra called the Summernats. This brought the Sweaty Palms to a whole new audience of hot rod and Street machine enthusiasts. 
Having released nine albums excluding the 4 Chris Webbe solo albums the Sweaty Palms have just released a new CD called “Old New Borrowed and Blues" which you can hear on Spotify below and see some of the videos on YouTube. 
The Sweaty Palms enjoy what they do and to be able to keep doing it in such a wonderful country is a real privilege. 
The Sweaty Palms will keep touring, playing, recording and satisfying audiences for many years to come.