This album "The Celestial Project" is a one of three from the "Chris Webbe Song Book" I generally don't do many of these tunes live. They explore culture, religion and their relationship to spirit and what ever you may believe God to be if you believe there is a supreme creator or not. I believe there are universal clues and truths that are simply reflected in different ways by us humans and our many different religions, religion being that part of a culture that deals with the God question and universal morality. Some things seem to be hidden from us to make this time on earth more dynamic but I believe it is OK to make some notes along the way. Suggested mood enhancement something exotic or stone cold sober. I would recommend headphones for some of the synth pieces.

The Celestial Project



So back to the scriptures
We piously go
But now you can see
Its all happened before
Will you follow the prophet
Or a holy book
And what did it actually say
The last time you looked
Are we all supposed
To be infidels to each other
Destined to make
Each and everyone suffer
I guess we are not ready
To make that leap just yet
This wars about money
And not about the spirit
God in his grace
Gave me free will
To roam the blessed earth
And to drink my fill
I understand the need
For the fundamental
But all this human pain
Is just grist for the mill
I would wear a tshirt
Jesus yes, religion no
I could read the prophet
And bid the muftis go
I can sit with buddah
And not wear a robe
I will walk through the forest
And feel the earth between my toes
I can choose to be happy
Or i can choose to be sad
But what i see now
Simply makes me mad
So as our glorious leaders
Spin their yarns to suit
So we see the tree is known
By its rotting fruit
You can see the story
Down through the ages
What happens to the message
When you worship pages
Lets now set the scene
For the spirit dream that lasts
Heals the sick calms the mind
And shelters the weather-beaten cast
The spirit doesn't come
From spires and brass bells
Or golden statues, mantras,
Incense or scarlet lapels
Naval gazing, crop circling
Or blinking with your third eye
They come from the holy space
Between you and I


I am but a drop of water
In the spiritual ocean
I know that I am
Cause I can feel the motion
We are the sacred pages
In this book of life
This library would be nothing
With no record of our strife
One day when this building
Is not needed anymore
And all the books and pages
Are scattered on the floor
When all the worldly pain
Cause suffering no more
And the joys of the world
Are ushered through the door
When fire burns the paper
And lays the ashes on the sand
The wind blows the rain
Across the holy land
The water washes clean
What the words had to say
Spirits now are free to simply
Go on their way


Mind is like a shadow
Echoes of a window
Music is like shapes
Singing through the drapes
Love is like a sorrow
Left until tomorrow
Days are like a laugh
Or a slow acid bath
Voices tremble with fear
Noses catch the tears
Orchestras play divine
Children sing songs sublime
Birds play in the breeze
Spirits wander through trees
Things you see aren’t real
You can touch
But cannot feel
Everything once was itself
Now into one universe melts
Things do not begin they do not end
The tide of life simply bends
Somewhere in this precious time
Before the last contrived line
In here lies our piece of mind
Waiting for us to find


There is a road from a haunting past
To where the dreamtime goes
Some travel slow others travel fast
To where the dreamtime goes
Some of us know and others ask
To where the dreamtime goes
What do you suppose is the task
That's what the dreamtime knows
I have a flower growing in my mind
Its where the dreamtime grows
When its my hour i will find
What the dreamtime knows
It gives me power but makes me blind
To what the dreamtime knows
When life is sour it is kind
That's when the dreamtime flows
I am taken to a place wash
My hands and wash my face
Sit back and watch the whole human race
Because I've gone where the dreamtime goes
I’ve seen the garden
Where the dreamtime grows
Where the dreamtime goes
Where the dreamtime grows
Where the dreamtime goes


There’s a little love on the floor
Some of its splashed on the wall
From teachers and preachers who tried to save our souls
There’s a little love on the floor
There’s a little love on the floor
From friends now gone to war
And their mums and dads who they don’t see anymore
There’s a little love on the floor
There’s a little love on the floor
You can see where she dropped it and all
Even though she walked right out the door
She left a little love on the floor
There’s a little love on the floor
Now i’m gone and i don’t live here any more
It will take a lifetime to even the score
And there will be some love on the floor
And its a precious gift
Just watch it take flight
It can lift you up
And lead you out of the night
This love on the floor is shinning so bright
I cannot resist its illuminating light


A solitary tribe under the sun
Soon it bumps into another one
Paintings and smoke in a cave are done
Then missionaries from tall ships come
What was once a pagan rite
Now becomes a Xmas night
In your dreaming it is second sight
Now they call it walking in the light
One thousand years a great crusade
In between, all the enemies made
With all the souls put to the blade
And still nothing left to say
Wake up in war, tanks down the street
Walls tumble down,   this your defeat
Breathless choking   in the heat
A stranger helps you to your feet
Its a custom this suspicion
To hide truth from tradition
Can you read the  scripture
Can you see yourself in the picture
One man blesses each new day
Gets on his knees so he can pray
Another man scoffs at the other mans ways
Will they ever see each other through the haze
If culture is a pearl     and truth is your mast
Don't make a prison from the past
For what was once will not last
You’ll find your boat sinking pretty fast
So when your race has run  
And all is said and done
A solitary bushman   hunts under the sun
But on Sunday he plays footy with everyone


He said I've always been a nervous wreck
Phone gas power rent
Your all out to wring my neck
Gotta find some credit to keep me bent
Some days its hard to drag yourself out of bed
This sadness is heavy just like lead
But would you rather be dead instead
Then I told him what somebody said
Some come here cause they need to learn
In heaven getting saved is a big concern
To the light or to the dark which way to turn
If some are saved will the others burn
You might come here for a holiday
That feeling you just gotta getaway
When you’re tired of the perfect everyday
That’s when your ready for a holiday
Some people kill for what they believe
Others would die for what they perceive
Giving those left a brief reprieve
To find a reality they can conceive
Does a man serve god when he serves the devil
And are these religions are on the level
Living a lie simply leads to trouble
You’ll find all the victims under the rubble
Maybe some come to bring the clues
To those who listen, even just a few
Their cosmic wisdom is nothing new
Its just a helping hand for me and you
Love is the glue that flows between
That keeps it all together, sight unseen
If you read between the lines you’ll see what I mean
This world is a stage for our own private dream
Then again maybe we are not just one
One of these types who choose to come
A blend of all these things under the sun
There’s no perfection here when all is said and done


There is a God, I have a soul, and life is worth living
Simplicity, for you and me, testament I am giving
You wonder why kids would rather die than face life head on
We hide from it this daily shit until our days are gone
Better if we took a look at what happens each day
Live with love and dignity aint that a better way
We climb the walls and go to war over these different things
Lose the plot fight a lot while the universe sings
There is a God I have a soul and life is worth living
Comprehend the very end of this pain we’re feeling
 Who will teach it  can we reach it put it in the constitution
Secular ring a hollow thing and it adds to the confusion
Thugs  with bags of drugs to light up our day
Some of us know  just where to go and others lose their way
A distraction here  makes it easier to avoid the question
A shiny car or a dusty bar wont change your connection
There is a God I have a soul and life is worth living
These riddles  joined in the middle no trouble believing.
Easier it seems to keep it all at bay
But there is a God and I have a soul and that’s all I need to say.
Yes there is a god and I have a soul and life is worth living
When I am sad and things seem so bad I remember what I'm given
Yes there is a god and i have a soul and life is worth living
When I am sad and things seem so bad I remember what I'm given


Who pushes these ships across the horizon
What mighty engine is doing the driving
The machine of the world, with its levers and gears
Rolls on and on, for years and years 

I watch the wheels turn round and round 
I searching for the secret sound
I look to the stars and I watch the news
Back here on earth I cant escape the celestial blues
I’ve studied the plans but I can’t find my part
Forward and backward, from the end to the start
I sit here on the beach and watch these ships depart
The only thing that’s sinking is my heavy heart
I am looking for the secret of these celestial blues
From green to grey, the water churns
From black to blue our mood slowly turns
Occasionally someone, sounds the alarm
So we can fight for the right, to die in each others arms
I can’t escape the news or these celestial blues
Clouds swirl around the sun
The storm recedes the calm has come
This brilliant stupidity of mankind
We fly to the moon, then come back and stand in line
She's a little different, He's not the same
A lil bit quirky, or completely insane
Thrown out of school, thrown out of the bar
Thrown out of heaven, a bridge to far
Back here on earth I cant escape the celestial blues


Who will save the innocents
And who gave you your inner sense
Will you be a spaceman
Or just a lonely specimen
You may want to scream it aloud
It seem that its just not allowed
I ‘m a getting outta here
Is it just the paranoia
Or tell me does this power annoy ya
Will we surrender to a higher power
Or dash around at the eleventh hour
If it comes in two or sixty years
Will you be able to quell the fears
I’m a getting outta here
Will you join me on the other side
Or find out that everybody lied
Armageddon outta here
You may want to scream it aloud
It seems that its just not allowed
Armageddon outta here
What good then the economy
Living in a post world catastrophe
What is here is nothing new
I have no wisdom greater than you
If it comes in two or sixty years
Will you be able to quell the fear
Armageddon outta here
Will you join me on the other side
Or find out that everybody lied
Armageddon outta here
Armageddon outta here
Armageddon outta here




Folkin' Blues

Folkin' Blues

The Celestial Project

The Celestial Project


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