Formal Plan for operation of Healing Highway PTY LTD 

ACN 638 939 250. 


Formal Plan for operation of Healing Highway PTY LTD 

ACN 638 939 250. 


What we aim to do and how we aim to help. 

To facilitate and provide the service of free Australia wide “Healing Highway” events for communities that have been impacted by bushfires, floods, droughts, disease (such as the economic effects of Covid 19) or other calamities which have rendered the population or individuals economically bereft or facing hardship due to lack of resources both material and non material. These events will be held in either, community halls, pubs, public spaces, parks, fire sheds, private or public function venues as soon as is appropriate, safe and practical after the calamitous event. They will take place on a Saturday night with a focus on the locals and a follow up free concert on the Sunday in either the same area or a suitable public space to encourage tourists to begin spending money in the local economy. 

We do not provide direct material or financial assistance. We provide the necessary personnel, equipment, promotion and coordination to run the event as well as ancillary measures to make the event attractive. As each community will have different needs and different capabilities and we believe they are the best placed to decide how and where they are deployed. 

Since every town’s needs will be different depending on circumstances the “Healing Highway” shows are designed to get practical relief to people who need it in a timely and effective manner. Knowing that Govt. and private sector charity assistance might be coming in the months or years ahead, the Healing Highway events are purposed to fill the gap and ameliorate suffering and disadvantage linked to the actual calamitous event (not general or unspecified suffering or poverty) by linking people in need with people who can help them. 

How we intend to help. 

These events will be held in either, community halls, pubs, public spaces, parks, fire sheds, private or public function venues as soon as is appropriate and practical after the calamitous event usually on a Saturday night with a follow up free musical concert on the following Sunday in either the same area, or a suitable public space to encourage tourists to begin spending money in the town. 

The events will have two primary actual outcomes and three secondary agendas;            

The first primary outcome will be to connect people in need with resources from other local residents who may have them on hand by the use of a system of colour cards that can be accessed by the attendees at the events, to identify who is “in need” and who might have the resources to either donate or trade to satisfy those needs. 

Example   1. Someone might be willing to share their internet connection with families who have been cut off. 

Example 2. Volunteers can be sought to drive to the nearest unaffected town to procure groceries or medicines for those who are not mobile enough to do so.  

Example 3. A farmer may have a tractor or machinery that can clear blocked roads etc.                                                                                                            

The other primary outcome will be the dissemination of information by local authorities such as MP’s, SES and Fire chiefs and council officers to let the public know what is being done and what the time frame is for the completion of various local problems such as civil work internet and data connections etc. 

Also the setting up of kiosks representing concerned parties such as Red Cross or similar aid agencies, Fire authorities, Govt agencies such as Centrelink and NGO’s like CWA so residents can access these organizations as well. 

The three secondary agendas are; 

Firstly to provide an entertaining show on a Saturday night that attracts people to the event and then to raise spirits and local morale using and employing, where ever possible, local and up and coming talent as part of the show. 

Secondly to allow access to a microphone to those who may wish to share their stories with others in the community providing a cathartic outlet for them and the audience. 

Lastly there will be another show for the wider public wherever possible on the following Sunday afternoon. This show will also encourage people from outside the community, such as tourists, to spend some time and money there to help the local economy. 

The main event will be held on a Saturday night to maximise the attendance. The duration will be about 3 hours and the coordination of these events will be done in conjunction with local State and federal MP’s, community organisations including Fire Brigades, Local Council, CWA and the like. 

It is important that these shows remain apolitical and agenda free and all protocols relating to public safety, local and indigenous sensitivities will be observed. 

How do we achieve these outcomes and other considerations? 

Funds to run the Healing highway events will come from 

1. Govt grants 

2. Funds allocated from charity organizations such as Red Cross 

3. Fund raising events and concerts. 

4. Sales of merchandise and inhouse music CD’s 

To put a show on like this has an actual cost and will require personnel, administration, fuel and vehicle costs as well as equipment, both PA and staging plus promotion through local and regional publicity outlets and accommodation for musicians and crew. It is estimated at the time of this plan the cost of putting on one show of this nature will be between $2500 and $3000. This does not include any administration or running costs for Healing Highway such as accountancy fees or office management. The expenses involved in staging the show is the value of what is being given to the resident population. 

While DGR status would be helpful, the planning for this project has not been predicated on the successful application of DGR status. Primarily the financial resources to do this are to come from grants from all levels of government, corporate sponsorships, the co-opting of local and national artists, private donations, and fundraisers, recording projects and events held outside of the devastation zone. 

It is not the aim of Healing Highway to raise funds at these events since the locals will already be suffering. 

It is not the intention of Healing Highway to put on large scale ticketed commercial concerts. Money and assets raised from donations and fundraisers outside of the devastation zones will be used for the cost of staging the events. All money and assets to be held by the Not For Profit company Healing Highway PTY LTD. 

A Not For Profit company (Healing Highway) PTY LTD has been formed to accommodate this with 5 directors (no more than 2 related) and it is envisaged that as the network of musicians and entertainers grows the company structure may grow as well. 

The directors are unpaid volunteers and not to be paid for their work as directors unless it is in their capacity as organizers, musicians or tour managers and then at predetermined rates. 

The decision as to where to hold the events will be decided by the company directors in accordance with information sought from State and federal MP’s as to the hardest hit regions on the basis of priority and need. They will then be invited to apply for a series of concerts covering their broader regional areas. 

It is often the case that if you give someone something for nothing the value is not appreciated and they act accordingly. In the application process we will identify certain things the applicant town should do such as provide a liaison officer to help connect with organizations like CWA, local businesses and the local media to get them involved. Priority will be given to communities who demonstrate a resolve to work with the organizers for a successful outcome. 

In its initial phase, Healing Highway will be able to do 20 to 30 events per year. To maximise the effect of these events they will be coordinated region by region. We intend to use the first years as a pilot year to work out and refine the details of running the events efficiently. 

If the idea grows it is envisaged that we may have several Healing Highway teams touring at one time. 

Since Bushfires, Drought and Floods are a regular feature of life in Australia and now with Covid 19 dramatically affecting the regional economy, it is anticipated that the need for this charitable service will be ongoing into the future. If the charity were to cease, all assets would be distributed in line with our constitution and the dissolution of a Not For Profit company with DGR status (if we a granted such) as prescribed by the ATO and ACNC.