Healing Highway is an organization bringing community contact events and musical concerts to smaller regional towns that may miss out on relief funding. We will to go into regional satellite towns that have been affected by calamity but often miss out on relief given to the larger cities. Once it is safe we will hold an event where residents can be connected with other residents who have the things they urgently need.

Perhaps someone can share their internet with those offline or get a group together to get groceries and medicines from the next town or get help with clearing roads and debris from farmers.  Aid is often slow in  coming so we will bridge the gap using local resources. The idea is to help the residents identify problem areas and then talk, swap, bargain or donate to each other. Authorities, can give assessments and advice to the residents at these meetings and a colour card system will be used to  triage what things are needed where and by whom.

We will put on 2 concerts wherever possible using local musicians and rising local talent, one on the Sat night and one for general public on Sunday afternoon to help local business providing secondary spinoff results. We aim over time to have teams of Healing Highway events and musical concerts bringing relief to immediate post disaster situations  or ameliorating the slow burn of drought and Covid economic destruction.

I have played many country pubs where on a Friday night someone mentions a problem to a few mates and by Monday morning its solved. This was the inspiration for Healing Highway and we hope to take that tradition into the future. Chris Webbe